Get to know Melanie Stevens from @withloveandlacemelbourne

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Posted on September 11 2017

Get to know Melanie Stevens from @withloveandlacemelbourne

One of our favourite things about being part of Designer Kidz team is the amazing people we get to collaborate with. From our gorgeous models to our talented photographers and lovely brand representatives, we’re all one big, happy family. So, we decided we should give you the chance to get to know them a little bit better! Today, we’re profiling one of brand reps, Melanie Stevens from @withloveandlacemelbourne.

If you haven’t checked out Mel’s Instagram feed already, you definitely should. It’s filled with absolutely divine shots of her three daughters; Elliana, 2, and twins Summer and Harlow, who are 9 months old. There’s a reason the snaps are so beautiful — Mel is a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Mel, her husband and the girls split their time between Mildura, Victoria and Barossa Valley, SA — which makes for some stunning, farm vibe photos, too. Here, we find out a little more about Mel and her family and grab her top tips for coordinating the kids in photos!

DK: How did you get into wedding and portrait photography? Can you tell us a bit about your career so far?

“I studied photography in Melbourne back in 07/08 and started up after that. I started with doing sessions for friends and family and doing a little advertising until I got my name out there. Weddings were my main focus, but since having the twins I have backed right off with weddings and am only starting to slowly take on portrait sessions.”

DK: Having three daughters, how does your husband cope with all the girliness in your household?

“Strangely enough, he always said he wanted three girls! He loves being fussed over by Elliana, and the twins will soon be old enough to be daddy’s girls too. He does do a little motorbike riding though, to keep up the manliness.”

DK: A lot of mums would admire your ability to coordinate all three kids in photos. As a professional,  do you have any tips for parents to get their kids to cooperate when having their photo taken?

“Kids work on bribery! But one mistake I have noticed at portrait sessions is bribing them before they’ve done what you’ve asked. You need to be firm and clear that they will not get it until after the photos, otherwise it won’t work. Sometimes, it’s best to talk them into have a good time, so they end up cooperating without even realising. Now if Elliana starts complaining, I change the subject and talk about things she loves. Also having a cute animal for them to hold helps 😉”

DK: You often make your own gorgeous boho props for your shoots. What made you decide to do that?

“I love to be creative and it makes for prettier photos. So, I decided to take the pretty with me! Plus, I get a lot of use out of them with my girls.”

DK: Your Instagram features some pretty strong spring vibes. What are you most looking forward to about spring?

“Well apart from the obvious warmer weather, I look forward to having oodles of flowers to pick and photograph again!”

-Do you have any favourite Designer Kidz items?

“One of the first gifts I was given after having Elliana was a gorgeous Designer Kidz peach floral tutu. Its still my favourite and I ended up getting two more for her in bigger sizes. It’s all stunning, I'm just a sucker for peachy tones.”


 Take a sneak peek at Melanie's recent spring shoot, with her three girls wearing Designer Kidz.

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