The ULTIMATE styling item for your daughter’s wardrobe 🦄

Stop everything you are doing - the news is out!!!! We are super excited to announce that we have released our first ever DOLL DRESS to match our exclusive designs! 🦄

Unicorns and rainbow galore, make your princesses dreams come true with our NEW our Enchanted Unicorn Baby Doll Dress to match with her romper or dress!!

Designed in Melbourne Australia, Sharon (Designer Kidz brainchild, head designer and mother-of-four) created these dream dresses to ensure easy fit for your daughter’s favourite doll heads! There is a split opening at the back with straps that you can tie together, allowing versatility with all your daughter’s dolls sizes!

This adorable design matches our Enchanted Unicorn Range, including our gorgeous Tutu Dress (available in size 1-7)! This range also includes a baby blanket, headband, head wrap + baby romper (available in size 000-1), making it the perfect set for a special occasion, birthday or party celebration...or extra-fancy weekday outfit. #pinterestgoals

Shop this matchy-matchy look before they sell out forever!

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Newly, I bought a dress for my sister’s son from this site. It is one of the best collections for all Kid’s wear. One of my colleagues told me about this store. There are so many best offers are seen. I got a discount on my purchase of dress by using Saveplus coupons.

Rithika February 28, 2020

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